Rooftop Bike Racks

Rooftop bike racks are a great way to transport your bike(s) from point A to point B without all the hassle. One to six bikes may be carried on the top of your car, depending on the weight and breadth of the bike. A factory-issued roof rack or a Base Rack System is required to attach Roof Mount Bike Racks. See which bike racks are ideal for your route by looking at the list below.

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Other Options Besides Rooftop Bike Racks

Rack strap go offers a variety of rooftop bike racks to meet your specific needs. If you have a hitch on your vehicle, we recommend a hitch-mounted bike rack. These racks are easy to install and can carry up to six bikes. If you don't have a hitch, a trunk-mounted bicycle rack is also a good option. These racks are less expensive and can be installed in minutes. However, they are not as stable as hitch-mounted racks and can only carry two or three bikes. Finally, if you have a truck bed, we recommend a truckbed-mounted bike rack. These racks are the most stable but also the most expensive.