Yakima FrontLoader Bike Rack


The Yakima FrontLoader is a great way to transport your bike. It fits almost any type of bike, including those with disc brakes, thru-axles, and full suspension. You can also load your bike fully assembled, with the front wheel on. This makes it easy to secure your bike for transport. TheFrontLoader also has a convenient upright mount, so you can store your bike when you’re not using it. Overall, the Yakima FrontLoader is a great option for transporting your bike.


The Yakima FrontLoader is a versatile bike rack that can accommodate almost any type of bike. With a simple design, it is easy to load your bike onto the rack and secure it in place. The FrontLoader also has a wide range of adjustability to ensure that it can fit almost any size bike. Whether you have a disc brake, thru-axle, or full suspension bike, the FrontLoader can carry it. Additionally, the rack is designed to work with both 20″ and 27.5″ wheels with tires up to 3″ width. For 29″ wheels, the FrontLoader can accommodate tires up to 2.7″ width. So no matter what type of bike you have, the Yakima FrontLoader can help you get it to your next ride.

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