Do you love biking, but find that taking your bike on long road trips is a pain? Well, we have the perfect solution for you – bike racks for trucks! In this guide, we will discuss the different types of truck bed bike racks available, as well as provide some tips on how to choose the best one for your needs. So whether you are a casual biker or an avid cyclist, read on to learn more about the best way to transport your bikes!

Reviews of the Best Bike Rack for Truck Bed Vehicles

Here are our picks for the 10 best truck bed bike racks:

1. Thule Insta-Gater Pro

Thule Insta-Gater Pro Truck Bed Bike Rack

Insta-Gater Pro is a completely adjustable bike rack from the Thule company. In terms of wheel size, it accommodates 20- to 29-inch bikes that weigh up to 50 pounds. It can also fit five-inch tires because of the extra space.

This bike rack does not need any drilling or bolting to be installed. On the other hand, it is attached to the tailgate and secures to the truck bed. A ratchet arm with a rapid release secures your bicycles without making touch with their frames. The front wheel does not need to be removed because of this.

If you leave your bike alone, this bike carrier for truck beds comes with a One-Key system and a lock.

2. Thule GateMate Pro

Thule GateMate Pro

Thule’s GateMate Pro tailgate mat is the finest on the market. With the right setup, you can fit up to eight bikes in this space. In addition, it’s a heavy-duty vinyl mat that protects your bikes and the tailgate of your vehicle.

This pad, in contrast to others, has an opening around the truck handle to prevent the rearview camera from being blocked (if applicable). Mesh pockets on the inside allow you to carry tiny things like bike tools.

The GateMate Pro’s installation is as simple as securing it to your tailgate. Using three straps running below your tailgate and securing buckles, you may then secure it.

To transport your bikes safely, use the strap anchor points and embedded bike channels built into the pad.

3. Thule Bed Rider

Thule Bed-Rider Bike Rack

It is a fork-mounted bike rack that can accommodate two bicycles in the truck bed. Installing this rack does not involve any drilling or fastening but you’ll need to detach the front wheels in order to attach the locking skewers on the fork.

The aluminum telescoping bar of this bike rack has SoftGrip rubber feet on the ends. Using these feet, you can securely fasten the rack to the side rails of your truck bed.

A bike rack’s fork mounting points provide additional security for your bike by locking it in place. There is no need to worry about the Bed Rider not working with your vehicle bed liner whether you have a full-size or compact pickup. It is possible to increase your bike rack’s carrying capacity by using Thule’s Add-On Block, however this requires an extra purchase.

4. Pipeline Bike Racks for Truck Beds

Pipeline Bike Racks for Truck Beds

Pipeline Racks has a wide variety of truck bed bike racks to choose from. We’ve included them since the only real differences between them are the length of your cargo area and the anticipated quantity of bikes you want to carry.

From 2 bikes up to five bikes, their truck racks come with all you need to mount them. You can also use wheel straps to lock your bikes without having to remove the front wheel and lock in the forks, which is a great feature!

Depending on the size of the wheels and tires on your bikes, their rack choices operate with a wide range of various types of bicycles. Because they are made of all-aluminum, they won’t rust in your vehicle and can be uninstalled if you need more storage room for your bikes.

5. Heininger 2025 Advantage Sportsrack

Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage Sportsrack

With the Advantage BedRack Truck Bike Rack, you can quickly and easily get off the path and back on the road. Quick release hubs have long been standard on most bicycles, but removing the tires still necessitates an additional step when transporting the bike, and what happens to the tires once they’ve been removed?

Forget about the additional processes and concerns about storage. You may leave your tires on with the Advantage BedRack. You’re all set to go as soon as you roll your motorcycles’ rear tires into position and tighten the adjustable fastening bar around them. If you have a trailer hitch, the BedRack is an excellent choice since it doesn’t need it to carry your bikes.

Your trailer hitch is free for more trailer toys, so you can pull four bikes instead of just one with this setup. BedRack may be removed from the truck bed and used as a lightweight but durable stand-alone bike rack at any time by the owner.

6. Yakima BikerBar Truck Bed Bike Rack

YAKIMA Overhaul HD Adjustable Height Heavy Duty Truck Bed Rack e1648033780669 - Best Bike Racks for a Truck Bed: The Ulitmate Guide

The Overhaul HD flexible truck rack provides best-in-class payload and unequaled adaptability for weekend excursions and busy weekdays. The OverHaul HD truck rack is the perfect foundation for huge loads, using Yakima’s new HD Bars for just a 500-lb. on-road carrying capability and matched with Yakima’s 300-lb. Off-Road Rating.

The crossbar height may be modified to meet your needs: high for lengthy loads to pass over the cab, or low for the rack to be out of the wind. The uprights are simple to put on and take off, so the vehicle is only racked when it’s required. The OverHaul HD truck rack is compatible with any Yakima HD Crossbar size (available separately) and works well with Yakima SideBars for off-road and utilitarian accessories.

An ultra-functional rack, with many tie down points and the flexibility to suit most vehicle beds (the Bed Track Kit 1 is required for Toyota and Nissan trucks and is available separately), including certain Retrax tonneau coverings.

7. YAKIMA, Gatekeeper Tailgate Pad for Compact Truck Beds

YAKIMA, Gatekeeper Tailgate Pad for Compact Truck Beds

Bike transportation that you can just throw in and go: An easy-to-use tailgate mat that allows you to transport up to 5 bikes securely in the bed of your full-size pickup truck; Bikes are protected from shifting and sliding with SightTight cradles. Ingenious design: On painted and carbon bike frames, the Velcro cradle closing mechanism is simple. The pad is kept tight and secure by an integrated strap management system.

Designed to last: Season after season, the rugged nylon exterior layer resists wear and weather damage; The paint of your vehicle is protected by the addition of a plush felt backing. Installation is simple: Hook it on your tailgate, align it, and connect the straps, and have a good time; It weighs 6 pounds and fits most mid-size and vintage full-size trucks. HindSight Cover tucks away out of the way so your backup camera can do its job.

8. Inno Velo Gripper RT202

INNO RT202 Truck Bed Bike Rack Bike Mount for Pickup Truck with C Channel Track Systems - Best Bike Racks for a Truck Bed: The Ulitmate Guide

One of the most small truck bed bike racks available is the Inno Velo Gripper RT202. It’s a ratchet fork holder that can be installed without the need of any tools or drilling. It can only transport one bicycle, however it is compatible with all sorts of bicycles.

This rack is designed for regular truck beds, so you won’t have to remove your front tire to get your bike on it. It has D-rings for connector straps and therefore is compatible with normal cable locks, although none of these bicycle security features are included.

9. Let’s Go Aero Full Nelson Truck Bed V-Rack

Lets Go Aero Full Nelson 2 Bike Carrier Truck Bed Mount V Rack Expandable to 6 Bike - Best Bike Racks for a Truck Bed: The Ulitmate Guide

Let’s Go Aero’s Full Nelson truck rack is a distinctive V-shaped bike rack. The rack can accommodate up to six bikes in its standard configuration, but it can be enlarged to hold up to two bikes each weighing up to 35 pounds.

The design of the wheel mount features straps that wrap all around top of your bike wheels. There are three alternative positions to choose from on the V-Wing mount to suit your additional storage requirements.

With no C-channel mount method, this is the ideal bike rack for truck beds since it is 100% no-tools to assemble and install. RingLocker security system contains a lock and two wires to secure the rack to your vehicle as well as your bicycles to the rack.

10. Swagman Pickup Truck Bed Rack

Swagman PICKUP Fork Mount Bike Rack - Best Bike Racks for a Truck Bed: The Ulitmate Guide

With a maximum weight capacity of 45 pounds per bike, this Swagman truck bed bike rack can hold up to two bikes. If you’d want to transport a third bike, you may add an additional fork attachment to the rack’s telescoping bar.

Using the nine-millimeter quick-release skewers, you can mount your bikes securely on this rack. Secure the bike rack in your truck’s bed with the integrated lock included.

The telescopic bar makes it simple to adapt this rack to accommodate full- and mid-size vehicles. The spring lever and locking push button make installation a snap. Secure the pin in place by pressing the bar against one rail and then contracting it until the other end pushes the opposing rail.

Pros & Cons of Truck Bed Bike Racks

The pros and cons of this particular bike rack are important to understand before moving further. Here are some things to keep in mind on both sides of the aisle:

Benefits of a Truck Bed Bike Rack

  • Most are simple to set up and may be used to store bicycles in the truck’s bed if the hitch is needed to tow anything else.
  • They are durable and stable.
  • They don’t add any more length to your vehicle.

Cons of a Truck Bed Bike Rack

  • They take up valuable truck bed space that might be used for other outdoor items.
  • Installing and removing them takes a longer time for most
  • Back-up camera blockage is a real possibility with some.

Types of Bike Racks for Truck Beds

Truck bed bike racks come in a variety of styles as well. A few are more suited to your needs than others, based on the size of your vehicle and any other truck accessories you may have (such as camper shells).

Fixed Racks

Truck beds with fixed racks have a more permanent installation. A long rod that spans the length of your truck’s bed is the most common component of these devices. There will be fork mount positions along that rod for securing several motorcycles.

To use a fixed bike rack, you’ll often have to remove your bike’s front wheel. As a last step, the rod and front fork mount are secured together. These bike racks may be mounted on the side of your truck bed.

This style of rack connects your bike to the frame, allowing you to use the bulk of your bed for other items. If you’re looking for a fixed bike rack, you can choose one that can carry many bikes.

Adjustable Bike Racks

Truck bed bike racks often include movable arms that may be extended or shortened depending on the bike’s dimensions. Both the front tire and the bike’s frame may be attached to this arm.

There is no need to bother about removing the front wheel to secure your bike in the truck bed because of this. As a result, the disadvantages of truck bed adjustable racks include bulkier designs and a more complicated installation method.

Tailgate Protectors for Truck Beds

You may argue that tailgate pads are the simplest thing to install in your vehicle. Rather of putting your bikes in the back of a truck, you’ll put them on the tailgate and lock the rest of them inside.

When loading and unloading your bikes, tailgate pads are fantastic, but they don’t usually come with any kind of lock. But if your bikes are wide enough to span the width of your truck bed, you can use these pads to attach up to four of them (or even more).

Features to Consider When Choosing a Truck Bed Bike Rack

  • It fits in your pickup.
  • It has the capacity to carry the amount of bikes you choose, and it has some kind of security system to keep your bikes locked up.
  • It’s constructed with long-lasting materials.
  • It can be firmly fastened to the bed of your truck.
  • It includes a fast release so you can quickly load and unload your bikes.
  • It includes a fast release so you can quickly load and unload your bikes.
  • You can afford it.

A few things to keep in mind when purchasing a truck bed bike rack

All of us are aware that personal preferences play a significant influence in every purchase choice. Here are a few things to keep in mind while deciding on a bike rack depending on your own tastes!

Is there room for it in your pickup?

Truck bed sizes vary widely, so here is the best place to begin. Racks with bars designed to span your truck bed’s width must have their bar length and truck bed width matched.

What’s the Process for Installing It?

It’s important to double-check the mounting instructions once you’ve confirmed the item will fit in your vehicle. Various truck rail types are compatible with a variety of racks, but the simplest versions just include an extensible rod that expands to press against the walls of your bed of the truck before locking in position.

How Are Bikes Attached?

Make sure you know how to put your rack in your truck before you think about how your bicycles will fit on it. You may be required to remove the front wheel to secure the fork in position on certain models of bikes. Several others include straps that attach to your bike’s frame or to the tires, respectively.

Leaving both wheels on during loading and unloading is a time saver for the majority of drivers. However, racks that lock onto the front fork tend to be a bit more secure than racks that are attached to the back of the bike. Finally, you’ll have to make a choice here between security and ease of use.

What is the maximum number of bicycles that can be accommodated?

It’s also a good idea to think about how many bikes you’ll be shipping. Some tailgate pads can accommodate as many bicycles as you can put across the width of your truck’s bed, while others can only fit one bike at a time.

You should focus your search on a design that can accommodate the average amount of bikes you want to transport. When planning a mass point-to-point mountain bike ride, it’s always smart to have some leeway in case you need to organize a shuttle.

How much does it cost?

Many of our purchasing choices are influenced by the cost. There are times when the price is just perfect, and others when we’re afraid to take a risk. Despite the fact that investing a little more money gives us a far better product, this is nonetheless true on sometimes.

At least $200 is a reasonable price to spend for the finest truck bed bike racks. In order to get the most out of a heavy-duty rack, you must be willing to spend this much money.

Best Truck Bed Bike Racks from the Most Reputable Companies

top brands bike racks - Best Bike Racks for a Truck Bed: The Ulitmate Guide

The following are some of the most well-known manufacturers of truck bed bike racks:

However, if none of the bike racks we’ve reviewed above are compatible with your car or truck, it’s worth looking into other options from these manufacturers.

Truck Bed Bike Racks: How to Install?

Depending on the type you pick and the characteristics of your vehicle, the methods for installing one of the top truck bed bike racks may vary. Some basic pointers for securing different kinds of truck bed bike racks are provided below, though.

Mounting a Fixed Rack with a Locking Mechanism

A static truck bed bike rack’s mounting system is often designed to attach to the truck bed’s rails. In certain cases, the crossbar must be bolted into the rails to install specific models, which may not be suitable with some other accessories.

When installing a fixed rack, make sure to position it far enough forward so that your bicycles can fit in your truck’s bed with the tailgate closed. Depending on where you install the bar, your bicycles may or may not fit, depending on how the forks are attached to the bar.

Mounting an Adjustable Rack

Because these racks don’t hold your bikes at the fork, you’ll have to take into consideration the whole length of your bicycles while planning your route. This indicates that you should place this sort of rack near the front of your truck’s bed.

Simply compress the bars until they fit and then extend them to push against the truck bed’s walls when using spring levers. Make sure the rack doesn’t move while you’re driving by securing the bars in place.

Putting a Tailgate Pad in Place

The method of installing a tailgate pad is the simplest of the three. Set the pad on atop of your tailgate and fasten the straps below using a bungee cord. You’ll next place your bikes into the rear of your vehicle with front wheels dangling over the tailgate.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the best bike racks for truck beds currently on the market. When choosing a rack, consider how many bikes you need to transport, your budget, and whether or not you want a rack that is permanently installed or one that can be removed when not in use. Be sure to read reviews and compare prices to get the best deal on the perfect bike rack for your needs. happy shopping!