One of the most common types of bike racks on the market for is the trunk-mount model. As a result of its enormous appeal, a wide variety of brands and models have been created and are now on the market.

Because the prices of these bike racks range from $25 to $200, picking just one might be a challenge.

The hunt for the ideal rack is over. All the information you need to know about the best trunk-mounted bike racks is included here.

Top Picks for Car-Mounted Bike Racks

1. Best Overall Bike Rack: Saris Bones

Saris Bones

Saris Bones

It’s no secret that the Saris Bones is a well-liked bike rack. Stylish, convenient, long-lasting, and simple to use are just a few of the many accolades bestowed upon the Saris Bones. It’s made of recyclable materials, making it ecologically friendly. There is no need to remove factory-installed spoilers to accommodate the rack.

This trunk-mounted bike rack can hold up to two or three bikes. There are rubber feet on its contact points to prevent the car’s paint from being scratched. Anti-sway straps are also included to keep the motorcycles from swaying when driving.

This product has received several favorable reviews on the internet. There have been several positive reviews of the Saris Bones on When utilizing the rack, the straps are simple to lock and unlatch, yet they stay in place when driving.

The straps created dents on several cars, despite the fact that most individuals said the rack would not touch theirs. Adding more padding to the strap hook attachment places will help to avoid this. In spite of Saris indicating that the rack will fit, several customers claimed that it wouldn’t work.

As a result of its distinctive design, long lifespan, and simplicity of use, the Saris Bones bike rack is the greatest bike rack currently on the market. Anti-sway straps and excellent durability are just two of the many amazing characteristics this rack has to offer. If you’re searching for a trunk-mount bike rack, this is a great option at a fair price.

2. 2nd Best Overall Bike Rack: Thule Passage

Thule Passage

Thule Passage

Using the Thule Passage, a trunk-mounted bike rack, is both handy and straightforward to do so. Thule’s anti-sway cages and FitDial hub are among its particular features.

This trunk-mounted bike rack can hold up to two or three bikes. Thule’s “Stay-Put” anti-sway bars are included to keep the bike from swaying when the vehicle is being driven. You can quickly modify the rack to accommodate a broad range of cars thanks to their “FitDial” mechanism.

There are six vinyl-coated straps on the Thule Passage for attaching the rack. Foam cushioning is also included in the area where the rack is attached to the car. Rubber bike cradles are also used to protect the bike’s frame.

According to those who have used the Thule Passage, the bike rack has a solid and secure design, unlike many other trunk-mounted bike racks. Other reviewers also mentioned that the process of attaching the device was straightforward.

Although the Thule Passage bike rack is well-built and simple to install, some consumers have had difficulty loading their bikes onto the rack. People have complained that tiny bikes are difficult to rack or are not able to do so. Another concern was the possibility of harm to the motorcycles when the three-bike model was overloaded. When fully loaded, the two-bike model was able to accommodate both motorcycles.

Our second pick for the best trunk-mounted bike rack is the Thule Passage, which has a strong design, is simple to use, and has a lot of wonderful features, but some customers had troubles with their bikes.

This is why we advocate the Saris Bones over the Thule Passage, for these reasons. As an alternative, if you can’t use the Saris Bones because your car doesn’t accept them, you should consider the Thule Passage. The Saris Bones and the Thule Passage are comparable in price, however depending on where you get them, the Thule Passage may be cheaper.

3. Best Affordable Bike Rack: Hollywood Racks Express

Hollywood Racks Express

Hollywood Racks Express

Those wishing to transport bikes on the cheap may do it with this bike rack. The structure may be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of automobiles.

This bike rack can hold two or three bikes at a time. To save money, the rack is simple and has a few fundamental functions. Protect the paint of your car with this rack’s EPDM rubber-coated attachment straps and foam cushioning where the rack meets your vehicle. In addition, there are rubber cradles for the motorcycles. To accommodate most cars, the rack may be easily modified.

When it comes to attaching and removing the Hollywood Racks Express from their vehicles, customers rave about how easy it was. Several customers were taken aback by the product’s strong construction, given its low price.

When people tried to use the rack, they ran across a few problems. Others complained that the rack scraped or ruined the paint of their car. A number of people complained that the rack didn’t work correctly with their vehicles or bikes. Despite the fact that just a few people have complained about these concerns with the rack.

Despite its modest price, the Hollywood Racks Express is the greatest trunk-mount bike rack for the money due of its durability, solid construction, and simplicity of use. There were just a few customers who had troubles with the rack, which is amazing given the inexpensive price. You may use the Hollywood Racks Express to transfer bikes for a low cost and for a short period of time.

4. Best High-Capacity Rack: Hollywood Heavy Duty Bike Racks F4

High-capacity trunk-mount bike racks are ideal for families that need to carry more than two bikes, and the F4 from Hollywood Racks is no exception. It can be installed on a broad range of automobiles thanks to its dual-positioning trunk/bumper system.

Our is the largest bike rack on this list, with the ability to hold up to four bikes at a time. It’s made of heavy-duty steel to withstand the weight of the bicycles. As a result, it may be used on a variety of different vehicles. When transporting the bikes, an additional tie-down strap is included. When not in use, the rack may be collapsed for storage.

Customers who bought the Hollywood Racks F4 said that it is simple to install and remove. The sturdy design of the rack was a big draw for many. Despite the fact that the rack was universally compatible with most cars, including hatchbacks and SUVs, there were some challenges reported.

The rack should not be mounted on plastic items in order to prevent damage. Some minivans and SUVs have compatibility concerns as a result of this. Instead of a plastic spoiler, some customers fastened the top straps to their rear roof rack cross bars.

Since it can hold four bikes and is made properly and solidly, the Hollywood Racks F4 is the greatest high-capacity bike rack overall. If you need to move more than two or three bikes, we suggest this rack.

Also Consider These…

1. Yakima Hangout

Yakima Hangout

Yakima Hangout

This trunk-mounted bike rack from Yakima makes it simple to carry bikes without spending a lot of money. Some of Yakima’s standard features, such “StableCradles” and “QuickTrigger,” are included in the rack.

This bike rack can hold two or three bikes at a time. StableCradles keep the bikes from shifting during transit, and Yakima’s QuickTrigger system makes installation a breeze. When not in use, the bike rack folds away.

The Yakima Hangout was described as safe and stable by those who acquired it. In addition, a number of reviewers said that the rack did not damage the vehicle. The rack, on the other hand, was not without its flaws.

Smaller bikes, in particular, were difficult for certain people to fit. People had a tough time securing the rack because of the excessive number of straps. Additional straps were also required to keep the bike’s wheels and pedals from rubbing against the truck, according to the rack’s users.

As good as it is, the Yakima Hangout isn’t really worth the money. When comparing the Yakima Hangout to the Thule Passage, you’ll get more for your money.

2. Saris Sentinel

As an entry-level trunk mount bike rack, the Saris Sentinel is reasonably priced. The Sentinel’s design focuses on ease of use and minimalism. Even automobiles with factory-installed spoilers may use this.

There are two variations of this rack, each with a capacity of two or three bikes. All hatchbacks and vans are accommodated thanks to the movable arms. In order to ensure long-term viability, it is made of steel. The strap hooks are coated and the rack features cushioned contact areas to preserve the vehicle’s paint. When not in use, it folds up for simple storage.

Installing the Saris Sentinel was described as straightforward by those who ordered it. Sentinel works well, although some people have experienced little troubles with it.

Several people complained that the metal clips used to secure the straps to the car harmed the paint. Cradles holding the bikes may also move around and brush against your automobile. Finally, since the Saris Sentinel lacks an anti-sway mechanism, extra straps or a bungee cord may be required.

The Saris Sentinel is a basic and easy bike rack at an economical price. Despite the rack’s excellent performance, there are a few niggling drawbacks. For these reasons, we suggest the Hollywood Racks Express above the Saris Sentinel since they are both within the same price bracket.

3. Yakima Fullback

Yakima Fullback

Yakima Fullback

It’s an easy-to-use trunk-mounted bike rack from Yakima. Similar to other bike racks in this price range, but with some distinctive characteristics of its own. Because of its versatile design, the Fullback may be installed on a broad range of vehicles.

The capacity of this bike rack ranges from 2 to 3 bikes. It has Yakima’s “ZipStrip,” which helps keep the bikes in place while they are being transported. As an added bonus, the bike locks may be used to tie the bikes to your car in order to avoid theft.

Customers who purchased the Yakima Fullback said that the installation video included with the rack was simple to follow. The locking function was also a major selling point for several of them.

Despite the many excellent reviews, there were some challenges that individuals had to deal with. After thoroughly tightening the rack, several customers observed that the straps had dents. Also, they reported they had to frequently stop and retighten the rack while driving since it loosened up.

Customers of the Yakima Fullback 3-bike model said that it was almost difficult to accommodate three bikes. It was impossible to put three bikes on the rack without them rubbing and scratching each other.

However, despite the Yakima Fullback’s exceptional features and great build quality, it is not worth the drawbacks it has to provide. There are just four attachment straps on this bike rack, as opposed to the usual six. Some users may develop dents as a result of using the rack, since the weight of the rack is not evenly distributed over the straps.

The Yakima Fullback may not be the best option if you plan on using it to haul three bikes. For the sake of a scratched-up rack, it’s not worth the trouble of trying to fit three bikes onto it. This rack is inferior than the Saris Bones and Thule Passage.


A trunk-mounted bike rack is what?

The back hatch or trunk of your automobile may be used to place a trunk-mount bike rack. Using the help of 4-6 straps, it is attached to the car’s surface with foam contact points. To avoid slipping and wobbling, the motorcycles are fastened to the trailer using frame straps.

Since they’re so cheap, they’re best used only on rare occasions, such as short road trips. For vehicles without a hitch or roof rack, this is a popular choice. When fitted and secured correctly, they perform at their best.

Racks for Different Types of Bikes

Even though trunk-mounted bike racks are the most prevalent form of bike rack on the market, there are four more styles to choose from. The sort of bike rack you need will be determined by your specific needs. To learn more about the many styles of bike racks, click here.

Bike Racks for Hitch Mounted Vehicles

The hitch on the back of the car may accommodate a hitch-mounted bike rack. It is necessary to have a hitch fitted before you can use this sort of bike rack. You may learn more about the many kinds of hitch-mount bike racks available by visiting this page.

If you plan to use the bike rack often or for long distances, a hitch-mounted bike rack is the ideal option. If you need to transport more than three bikes, these bags are ideal.

The Roof-Mounted Bike Racks

With a roof-mounted bike rack, you can secure your bike to your vehicle’s crossbars. A component of the bike is attached to one of the racks, which keeps bikes firmly in place on top of the truck. This page explains the three basic types of roof-mounted bike racks.

In order to reach the vehicle’s trunk or hatch, a roof-mounted bike rack is ideal. They are great for people who need to transport 1-2 bikes and don’t want to worry about taking off the rack when not in use.

Bike Racks for Vehicles With Spare Tires

A spare tire bike rack may be attached to the spare tire on the back of your car. This sort of bike rack is less frequent since not all cars have a spare tire on the back. Because spare tires exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, certain cars have compatibility concerns.

For people who have a spare tire on the back of their bike and don’t want to utilize a hitch, spare tire bike racks are ideal. With a spare tire bike rack you don’t need the hitch, but if you do, it’s the finest option for you. Find out more about bike racks for spare tires here.

Bike Racks for the Truck Bed

A pickup truck’s bed may accommodate a bike rack. Truck bed bike racks come in two basic varieties from which to pick based on your specific needs. Details on these two alternatives may be found here.

Drivers of pickup trucks with extra bed space or a requirement to transport a big number of bicycles would benefit the most from truck bed bike racks installed on the vehicle.

To Prevent Scratches on a Trunk-Mount Bike Rack

When compared to other kinds of bike racks, trunk-mounted bike racks rest on the vehicle’s surface rather than being attached to the vehicle’s roof or hitch.

That causes a lot of damage to the vehicle’s finish. Many bike racks claim to be scratch-proof, yet practically every trunk-mounted bike rack may damage your vehicle.. Even though this is a prevalent issue, it is simple to avoid rack scratches.

Before mounting the rack, it’s a good idea to wipe out the areas where the rack comes into touch with the surface. Where the rack will come into contact with the vehicle’s paint, it should be well cleaned. Remove any dust or debris from the surface. As a result, dirt won’t be able to brush against the rack.

Cleaning may help avoid scratches, but it cannot eliminate them completely. Installing paint protection film is the best approach to keep your automobile scratch-free.

This paint protection film may be put directly to the areas of the car where the rack will come into contact with it. Scratches on the paint will be avoided since the rack will not come into contact with it.

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of bike racks to pick from, so it can be tricky to choose the best one. The type of rack you’ll need is based on the kind of vehicle you drive and how often you intend to use the rack.

We hope that this article has helped clear up any confusion and that you’re now able to choosethe best bike rack for your needs.