A family may greatly increase the amount of storage space available in their vehicle by using a vehicle cargo carrier while they are traveling.

Purchasing a baggage carrier is a smart move instead of leaving behind necessary equipment or clothes or cramming everyone in the vehicle into an unpleasant or confined space.

But with so many alternatives available, it may be challenging for a family to choose the best one for their requirements.

It’s crucial to take your time while selecting a roof box since they are sometimes pricey. No of the size of the family, this will make it easier for them to choose the best cargo carrier.

Additionally, it will guarantee that their decision to invest in a roof box will pay off in the long run. You should think about a number of various factors while looking for an car roof box.

When you choose the best course of action for your family after giving it careful thought, you will ultimately save time, money, and aggravation.

Consider Cost When Looking  At A Roof Box

When looking for a roof box, your budget should be one of your first considerations. Particularly if they come equipped with a ton of nice features, some baggage carriers may be rather pricey.

Although it may provide you a sense of security and protection for your possessions, these pricier solutions could just be beyond of your price range. It is OK to hunt for a roof box that is somewhat less expensive.

This does not imply that you must forgo quality in order to locate something a bit less expensive. Although it could take a bit longer, there are many of excellent, reasonably priced solutions available that will satisfy your demands.

Consider Carrier Type

The roof box is among the most typical and well-liked varieties. When looking for extra storage space, so many individuals like to favor them since they are quite durable and typically highly secure.

A roof bag is, however, still another fantastic choice. Users should carefully consider these two possibilities while they are purchasing since they each have their own unique sets of advantages and disadvantages.

Hard-Roofed Cargo Carriers

Cargo hard boxes are widely used because of their safety and durability. In comparison to soft bags, they are often waterproof and simpler to lock. These carrier choices tend to be considerably more aerodynamic due to their form and shape, which might assist to reduce the cost of a lengthy flight.

However, it should be noted that certain products won’t fit into these selections with ease. Considering that the sides, front, and bottom of these carriers are all hard, it may be challenging to place big or unusually shaped objects inside of them.

Soft-roofed Cargo Carriers

Anyone seeking for a less rigid carrier choice than a hard box might consider soft bag carriers. They often have the advantage of being relatively lightweight and flexible, allowing them to accept a greater range of possibilities.

Some bags fit on bare roofs with ease, saving money and aggravation on the cost and installation of a roof rack. Users should be warned that bags are not always waterproof, particularly when subjected to heavy downpours. Additionally, they often provide less theft protection than hard carriers do.

Make sure you have a look at the comprehensive information that we have on Soft Roof Cargo Carriers.

Vehicle Type

Another crucial factor to take into account when looking for a roof cargo basket is the kind of vehicle you drive. Most cargo carriers are designed to sit on the roof of the car, so you must take into account both how your car opens and how much room you have to hold this box or bag.

If the carrier is too large for the vehicle, it might stretch down the front of the vehicle and obstruct the driver’s vision through the windshield. This is especially a problem with smaller automobiles. This carries the risk of serious mishaps.

However, if you go for a baggage carrier that drops too low, opening the trunk of your car, particularly if it’s a hatchback, may be challenging at best.

Finding the carrier that will work best for your vehicle may be a delicate balancing act. Fortunately, manufacturers have recognized this issue and are now providing online tools to assist customers in locating a carrier that will suit their vehicle.

Even so, it’s crucial to keep the other elements on this list in mind when you browse since they will help you further reduce your options and choose the ideal product.

Roof rack type

You should give serious consideration to the roof rack style of your vehicle before making a purchase of a cargo carrier. Some automobiles have a bare roof, which is defined as the absence of side roof rails and crossbars. It might be challenging to locate a nice carrier that will fit on a bare roof, but it is achievable.

Other vehicles feature complete roof racks or side rails. Since they are made expressly to carry a carrier, they are usually simpler to fit. Check the installation of the carrier you choose to purchase to ensure that it will simply fit on the roof rack without slipping or making installation difficult.

Take a look at: GoPlus Cargo Box

goplus cargo box

The GoPlus box is intended to fit readily on most popular kinds of racks, whereas other cargo carriers are exclusively meant to fit on a particular rack. Due to the fact that they won’t need to bother about altering or upgrading their rack system, it makes it a fantastic option for many different individuals. Choosing a carrier without first making sure it will fit properly on your rack is a recipe for disaster.

Storage style

One of the most crucial considerations for consumers is what they want to store in their cargo carrier, since this will have a major impact on the choice of carrier.

For their gear to fit safely and securely, skiers and snowboarders want a solution that is sufficiently lengthy. Anglers will also need to seek for longer boxes, since they are intended to enable the poles to rest freely in the container without being bent.

However, families that are merely in need of a little additional room while traveling won’t necessarily require a long and slender carrier. A shorter, stumpier choice may make them pleased since it’s simpler to unload and load.

They don’t lie as flat on the roof of the vehicle as long and slender carriers, so they may fit more, and bulkier, items.

Make sure you have a look at our guide on storing items in roof cargo boxes.

SportRack Horizon is worth looking into

sportrack horizon

This is a fantastic instances of a lengthy and slim cargo carrier, however it isn’t as long as several on the market. The reduced drag and more even distribution of weight that the box’s flatter form provides are also benefits drivers will appreciate. This box’s sturdy construction makes it ideal for stowing away lengthy objects without risk of damage. Its short height of 15.9″ limits the bulky objects that may be conveniently carried in this bag.

Rooftop Cargo Carrier

sportrack horizon - What should I look for in a Car Top Carrier?

With a height of an astonishing 19″, it is clear how this roof box can accommodate taller or larger things with ease.

Because of this, it’s a fantastic choice for families that need to carry along toys and other bulky goods on their trip.

The drawback to this carrier is, of course, that it does not have particularly good aerodynamics. However, the carrier may be quickly detached from the roof and its contents distributed equally. The user may simply remove it from the vehicle after a journey and see an immediate improvement in MPG.


Shipping containers may be as little as 10 cubic feet or as large as 20. Car owners with smaller automobiles, as well as smaller families, will need to pick a smaller alternative.

In general, families will want to pack more items on vacation the larger their number of members. Because of this, they’ll have to spring for a considerably bulkier carrier if they want to take everything with them when they travel.

Check out our guide to the sizes of Roof Cargo Boxes.

INNO Ridge Cargo Box BRA240BK

INNO BRA240BK Ridge Cargo Box - What should I look for in a Car Top Carrier?

This INNO transporter has a lower capacity than most, measuring in at only 8 cubic feet. Although this may not appear to be a lot, it might be everything that a couple or a single traveler needs. These smaller carriers have the advantage of being less cumbersome and simpler to mount to a vehicle. This INNO is convenient for many because of its modest size and compatibility with a variety of factory rack types (including Aero, square, and round). It’s perfect for those who have trouble opening or lifting heavy boxes, and it fits well in compact cars.

Thule Force XXL Cargo Box

Thule Force XXL Cargo Box

This much bigger Thule box can hold up to 21 cubic feet of stuff. This box’s generous proportions make it an excellent choice for those who need to transport more belongings on extended vacations or who have a large family. More storage space comes at the expense of increased heft. Installing this unit on a vehicle may be challenging for certain users. To the extent that it is not kept on a car eternally, it is a decent alternative to leave on a vehicle between travels because of how aerodynamic it is.

Regularity of Use

The ease with which a carrier may be removed from a vehicle depends greatly on its mounting method. Others like to be able to remove their cargo carrier after each trip, while other families are content to place it on their car and keep it there for years.

The ease of mounting the carrier won’t be as important to those who want to do it once and leave it in place. Carrier owners who park in tight garages with low ceilings or who prefer to keep their carrier off their car may appreciate a removable alternative.

Thule Force XT

Thule Force XT - What should I look for in a Car Top Carrier?

Users who wish to be able to easily remove their cargo carrier from their vehicle for storage should think about this Thule product. It is meant to be incredibly simple to install, due to the Power Click mechanism. The empty box can be mounted on the roof rack in a jiffy thanks to the quick-release mounting mechanism. Once the carrier is empty, removing it is just as simple. The container may be easily removed off the shelf and stowed away. If you do this, it will help a vehicle get better gas economy, and because cargo carriers aren’t meant to be left on the car while they’re not being used, it will also help the carrier last longer since it won’t be exposed to the elements as much.

Thule Force XXL Cargo Box

Thule Force XXL Cargo Box

This carrier’s U-bolt attachment method guarantees the security of the user’s goods at all times. To make matters worse, this safe approach also makes it next to impossible to reattach the roof box to the automobile. The provided mounting system is simple to install and keeps the carrier in place while traveling, although it may be too secure for certain users. It’s not ideal for someone who wishes to quickly and simply remove and reinstall their carrier on their vehicle.

Accessibility and Opening

You may have quick and easy access to your stuff from the inside of certain cargo containers than from others. Families often struggle to choose a suitable cargo carrier because they are unsure of how they will have access to the contents once they are inside.

Consider which side of the road you’ll be on while opening your carrier. Certain of them only have one side that opens, which might make utilizing them in some circumstances challenging.

Other cargo carriers include doors that swing out to the side or open completely, making it simple to load and unload items.

Try out the Yakima ShowCase!

Try out the Yakima ShowCase - What should I look for in a Car Top Carrier?

Opening a roof box on the move presents the risk of injury to the person doing the opening.

Accessing a carrier on the roadside is unsafe; open it from the curb. If you’re camping and have to park next to a tree or in a small parking area, having a box that opens only on one side might be inconvenient.

Yakima’s dual-sided roof box eliminates the issue. This container can be opened from either end, providing fast and simple access to its contents.

You can quickly and easily access your belongings whenever you need them, regardless of where you are or the weather.


Consideration should also be given to the security of any items kept in a cargo hold. Not thinking about the security of a carrier while leaving valuable items inside for a long time might be risky.

The best choice is one that features a sophisticated locking mechanism. This will guarantee that everything stays secure.

Take a look at this: the Thule Motion XT XL

Thule Motion XT XL - What should I look for in a Car Top Carrier?

This cargo carrier’s lock is one of its defining characteristics, making it much more secure than its competitors once locked.

Unlike other containers that may occasionally be opened with no effort, even when secured, this Thule container is very secure. It has a very secure locking mechanism.

It is the intention of this locking mechanism to prevent the lid from being closed on the box while it remains unlocked. In order to prevent users from forgetting to lock it, the box automatically secures the lid in place.

Users may rest easy knowing that their valuables are safe since the box is intended to light up to show when it has been closed and secured.

Max. Weight

The amount of goods that may be transported depends on the weight limit of the roof box. Finding a cargo carrier with a weight restriction high enough to prevent the carrier from being destroyed is important for families or people who want to carry a lot of heavy items with them.

A carrier may be damaged if it is loaded with too much weight, and products may not be safe or secure.


Malone Profile18S Rooftop Box Silver

The maximum load for this sturdy roof box carrier is an astonishing 165 pounds. This is ideal for families that wish to transport bulky things such as winter coats, snowsuits, and toys without worrying about the safety of their belongings.

This cargo carrier has an outstanding internal and central locking mechanism, is simple to use, and can contain a lot of things without becoming damaged or losing its security.

When using this approach, it’s simple to make sure that the user’s carrier is secured safely at all times. This box is ideal for most households because of the extra protection it provides and the greater weight it can hold.


Cargo racks on the roof reduce fuel efficiency. Long-distance roof boxes should be aerodynamic to reduce wind resistance.

While a larger carrier may provide for additional storage room, the trade-off is usually worse gas economy and higher travel costs.

If you’re looking for information about aerodynamic roof cargo boxes, you should read our guide.

Yakima SkyBox

YAKIMA - SkyBox Aerodynamic Rooftop Cargo Box for Cars, Wagons and SUVs

The Yakima Skybox is one of the most wind-resistant alternatives available. To further reduce drag, it is made to lie flush against the car.

Because of this, it’s a fantastic choice for any family planning to take lengthy travels while trying to save money on petrol. This aerodynamic box also checks other shopping boxes.

It can be quickly and simply installed due to its design that allows it to fit snugly on the crossbars of most bicycles. In addition, Yakima boxes are widely acknowledged to be among the safest available.

This indicates that you won’t have to be concerned about the security of your stuff once you have fastened it to your car and ensured that it is locked securely thereafter. It is optimal for lengthy grips, since this is its intended function.


Clearly, individuals shouldn’t take the process of selecting an vehicle roof box lightly. It’s tempting to go with the first available cargo ship, but in most cases doing so is a mistake.

Any family can feel at ease knowing that they have made the most informed decision possible regarding the cargo carrier that they will use during their vacation if they take the time to search exhaustively for the most suitable alternative and verify that it will accommodate their requirements before making a purchase.