While driving with a bike rack, many riders wonder whether or not a bike rack may obscure a license plate. You may not know this, but in certain jurisdictions, driving with a bike rack may result in a fine since some racks obscure the license plate.

When compared to other types of racks, the location on your car where the rear bike rack is placed sets it apart. It is because of this that they cover your vehicle’s license plate and the back lights.

If you have a bike rack attached to the back of your vehicle, this article will help you avoid fines. Learn more by continuing to read.

The License Plate Is Covered by a Bike Rack, Is That All Right?

The license plate number of your car cannot be obscured or obstructed by your bike rack. It is against the law to drive with a license plate that is concealed or covered in such a manner that your home jurisdiction cannot be seen from a reasonable distance.

When a private plate is concealed, the police may pull you over and issue a citation.

To put it another way: You may put your bike rack on any part of your car, provided it does not obstruct or obscure the vehicle’s license plates.

Officers in most states have no problem writing you a ticket for this regular offense. As a result, you’ll either need to upgrade your bike rack or invest in a large pickup truck.

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It is possible to avoid a ticket if all other traffic regulations are observed, so don’t let this scare or dissuade you.

Is It Possible to Make My Own Bike Rack Number Plate?

There is no way to manufacture your own bike rack number plate. Making your own number plate holder, on the other hand, may be done using a license plate you already have.

Make certain that the state issues you a standard-sized license plate.

The law forbids you from using your own DIY plate, therefore you need buy a second one.

To apply for a supplemental plate, you must own the car and have a valid driver’s license. ‘ A minor cost is also required to finish the procedure.

The size of a supplement plate is different from that of a conventional plate. In addition, the word “additional” is inscribed on it.

Make sure the plates aren’t covered in dirt or mud, and that they’re clearly visible from a distance.

Is it a crime to design and produce your own license plate?

Yes. Creating your own number plate is against the law.

Even though it seems like a good plan at the moment, you might end up being fined or worse, going to prison. This is against the law since the license plate would be different from the ones provided by the state, which is illegal.

It may seem cute, but it’s terrible to create them out of cardboard and paint them with bright colors.

You may, however, pay a significant quantity of money to acquire your own personalized license plate.

It’s unlawful to receive a private plate for the incorrect purposes, including to hide the age of your car.

On a Bike Rack, How Do You Attach a License Plate?

State troopers may not issue a citation if you have a license plate attached to your bike rack.

A license plate may be attached to your rack in two ways. Before anything else, you’ll need a License Plate Relocation Kit and a plate bracket. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to quickly and conveniently affix your vehicle’s license plate to the rack.

Another alternative is to use a twin hitch adaptor. The Curt Dual 2′′ Receiver Tube Adapter is a nice example.

To relocate a license plate, first attach the relocation bracket to the license plate’s receiver tube, and then attach a rack to the receiver tube on top.

The license light won’t be seen on the license plate if you choose either option at night.

Integrated bike rack lighting for your license plate

If you don’t want to get a citation or a fee, invest in a bike rack license plate light holder. While most bike racks in the United States lack these, the UK’s have them. Consider retrofitting yours if it lacks this feature.

The license holder, as well as the rack and lights, are often purchased separately. Some people, on the other hand, manufacture license plate holders specifically for their own wall-mounted racks. Among the best examples of this is 1Up.

1Up from the United States is a rack you should take into account. Despite its high price, the rack is well-built and includes a plate holder and a light bar for further security.

Are There Any Bike Racks That Don’t Obscure Your License Plate?

There are racks for bikes that don’t obscure your vehicle’s license plate, if you’re interested.

There are a number of factors to keep in mind while purchasing a bike rack. In addition, a bike rack that doesn’t hide the license plate is critical.

It is against the law to use a bike rack on the back of a vehicle that obscures the license plate in any way. Because of this, you may want to look into alternative bike racks that don’t have this issue.

Roof-mounted bike racks and trunk-mounted bike racks are among the options.

Bike Rack Mounted on the Roof

Instead of securing your bike to the back of your vehicle, a roof-mounted bike rack secures it to the roof. Afterward, your back, including the license plate, is exposed.

In states where license plate blocking is strictly prohibited, this rack should be a consideration.

Bicycle racks installed on the back of a pickup truck

License plates are not obscured by some trunk-mounted bike racks; they are clearly visible. Hollywood Racks F1B and Saris Bones are among the bike racks available.

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Hollywood Bike Racks

Up to three bicycles may be safely stored on a Hollywood bike rack. Also, the racks may be used with any vehicle.

The license plate is not obstructed by this rack since it has three contact points that rest away from the license plate’s surface.

Saris’s Bones Bike Racks

Additionally, Saris bones contain contact sites that are outside of the license plate region. This bike rack is well-liked since it is constructed of high-quality materials, resulting in its sturdiness and compactness.

In addition, it may be used with a wide range of automobiles.

A three-bike rack and a two-bike rack are both available for this exact bike rack.

Is it possible to get an additional license plate for use on a bike rack?

You may be able to purchase an additional license plate for your bike rack, depending on where you live. It is unlawful to have your license revoked in certain places, therefore you must come up with a strategy to go around it.

The process of obtaining an additional license plate is simple. Before you may use the plate, you have to make a payment. Attach it to the back of your windshield as soon as you get it.

The plate and the rack should be removed if you are not transporting your bike, though. Empty bike racks are illegal in certain places.

Final Thoughts

Many riders wonder whether it’s okay if their bike rack obscures their license plate. If you want to be on the safe side of the law while driving with racks, make sure you obey all of your state’s regulations.

Driving with your back plates concealed in certain states is permitted; others are not.

The information provided in this post should alleviate any worries you may have about driving with a bike rack.