Consider purchasing a roof luggage box if the trunk is already overflowing with your vacation gear and you still need more space.

The finest soft roof cargo box will not only let you carry along everything you need, but it will also provide a number of additional advantages over conventional hard boxes.

In addition to saving room in your garage, the soft roof box may be folded flat when not in use.

Soft cargo boxes are just as waterproof as hard ones, protecting your stuff from rain, but they’re more flexible and can hold more bulky or oddly shaped objects.

It’s not hard to understand why soft roof boxes are so popular among folks looking for extra storage space for their car; they’re often more lighter and easier to use than standard harder boxes.

Our Top 10 Best Soft Roof Boxes

Here Are Our Best 10 Soft Roof Cargo Boxes 

We will now discuss the best soft roof boxes specifically designed to make your life easier and more comfortable when travelling. We have compiled a list of the top 10 soft roof boxes based on customer reviews, features, and overall value.

Rightline Gear Sport 3 Car Top Carrier

Water Proof

18 cu ft

REESE Explore Expandable Rainproof Car-Top Carrier

Water Proof

12-16 cu ft.

RoofPax 19 Cft Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

Rain Proof

19 cu ft.


Rain Proof

15 cu ft.

Mockins Waterproof Cargo Roof Bag Set

Water Proof

15 cu ft.

Rabbitgoo Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Water Proof

15 cu ft.

BougeRV 15 Cubic Feet Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Water Proof

15 cu ft.

Keeper - Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bag

Water Proof

15 cu ft.

STD Rooftop Cargo Top Carrier Bag

Water Proof

20 cu ft.

Rightline Gear Sport 3 Car Top Carrier

Rightline Gear Sport 3 Car Top Carrier

If you’re only planning to use a roof box sometimes but need one for your SUV or minivan, consider this less-expensive version.

The roof box’s 18 cu. ft. of capacity means you can bring everything you need on the road without worrying about running out of room, and the several attachment methods make it simple to set up.

Either use the roof rack’s straps to secure the roof box, or use the included auto clips to fasten it to the door frame’s weather stripping.

When you’re on the go, you can rest certain that your belongings won’t get wet thanks to the bag’s dual seam technology and watertight zipper. This soft roof cargo carrier has a lot of room, so it’s great if you have a big family or you often forget something important when you go on travels.

REESE Explore 1391800 Expandable Rainproof Car-Top Carrier

REESE Explore Expandable Rainproof Car-Top Carrier

This soft vehicle box has a unique feature that sets it apart from competitors: it can be expanded from 12 cu ft to 16 cu ft, giving you plenty of room to haul everything you need on the road.

In this way, you may customize the size of your soft roof cargo box to accommodate the weight of your load. This is wonderful since a fully loaded roof cargo box is considerably more stable than an empty one. The structure uses weatherproof materials that are impervious to the effects of rain, wind, dirt, dust, and sunlight, protecting your goods from the elements.

The roof box may be folded down and stowed away in the garage when it is not in use. It may be easily fastened to your vehicle by using roof racks, crossbars, or even elevated side rails. Unlike other soft top boxes, this one works excellent on many different types of automobiles as well as bigger vehicles including trucks, vans, and SUVs.

RoofPax 19 Cft Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

RoofPax 19 Cft Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

The fact that you may have used this soft roof carrier bag to carry your stuff without a roof rack on your vehicle is one of its advantages.

Instead of only using ropes from the interior of the vehicle, this roof bag has four door hooks to keep the box in place. The doorway hooks are far more secure and won’t put you or your occupants at danger of having their air bags blocked in the event of an accident.

This bag’s waterproof construction is equivalent to that used by the military, so you can put your valuables inside without fear of them becoming wet. Large families that do a lot of traveling will appreciate the convenience of the 19 cu feet tof storage capacity.

Buying this roof cargo box with the confidence that its zippers and buckles are covered for life and its straps and stitching are guaranteed for five years will offer you peace of mind.

AUPERTO 15 Cubic Feet Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

AUPERTO Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

With its substantial build and great protection for your goods while on the road, this soft roof box is a strong candidate for the title of finest soft roof box.

The flexible material of this roof box makes it easy to fold it up when not in use and protects its contents from the sun, dust, rainfall, snowfall, and even winds.

You can relax knowing that you’re able to quickly and securely connect the roof box on your rack rails thanks to the 8 tie straps, which guarantee that it won’t slip off while you’re driving.

You can throw just about anything into this soft roof cargo container without worrying about ripping the seams or tearing the fabric, since it can handle up to 200 lbs of weight.

The zipper’s inner lining is protected from all sides, making it almost impossible for water to seep inside even if you accidentally open a zipper while traveling.
Mockins Waterproof Cargo Roof Bag Set - Buyers Guide For Best Soft Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Mockins Waterproof Cargo Roof Bag Set

This soft roof carrier safeguards your vehicle’s roof from scratches and dings with a built-in car roof mat.

In addition to the four heavy-duty straps that hold the roof carrier to your vehicle, two extra ratchet straps guarantee that your belongings stay put and are packed snugly within the box.

Thanks to the vinyl construction, which is both abrasion- and water-resistant, your valuables are safe and sound no matter where your travels take you.

Using the storage bag that is provided once your items are all placed into the roof box will guarantee that you have the greatest protection possible. If your car has a roof rack, you may connect this roof box and hit the road.

If you ever have any issues with the quality, you can also depend on the lifetime guarantee.

Rabbitgoo Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Rabbitgoo Rooftop Cargo Carrier

The roof box is simple to mount atop any car with a roof rack, and it provides an extra 15 cu feet of storage capacity for your journey.

The eight provided straps are double-stitched and very durable, so you need not worry about them snapping or fraying while traveling.

Furthermore, this roof box is easy to set up, allowing you to spend less time fretting about the safety of your goods. The extra-long flaps above the zippers serve two purposes: they protect the zippers from wear and tear, and they prevent water from getting into the bag.

The bag’s cover is robust enough to withstand dust, dirt, weather, and precipitation, but it’s not so sturdy that it won’t fold up neatly after you’re done with it. This flexible roof box weighs only at just more than 6.5 pounds, making it easily portable by one person.

BougeRV 20 Cubic Feet Rooftop Cargo Carrier

BougeRV Rooftop Cargo Carrier

You won’t need to be concerned about unintentional leaks while driving since this soft top box is manufactured of a substance that is 5 times more robust and resilient than nylon oxford.

There is no need to worry about your goods becoming wet or damaged because to the combination of waterproof zippers, Velcro covers over the zippers, and sturdy material.

The 8 security straps will let you securely fasten this soft rooftop carrier to your roof rack. Every occasion you use the container, you may tighten the straps to ensure that it is securely fastened and won’t jiggle or wobble while you are driving.

Although it has 15 cu ft of storage capacity, this soft box folds up into a small and portable handbag, making it ideal for stowing away in a corner of the garage or toting along on trips.

When tightening the bag, the straps will not rip the cloth since they are attached to reinforced areas on the top of the box.

KEEPER 07204 Black Premium Waterproof Cargo Bag

Keeper Black Premium Waterproof Cargo Bag

This cargo carrier bag is perfect for compact vehicles and SUVs, and it will provide you an extra 15 cu ft storage space in your vehicle.

The roof box’s flexible sides allow it to conform to oddly shaped goods, and the high-quality construction means you won’t have to be concerned about puncturing the box or losing cargo due to a hole being poked in the side.

This roof box is most secure when attached to a roof rack that has both across and side bars, but it may still be utilized with a rack that simply has across bars.

The shoulder straps are permanently fastened to the bag, so you won’t lose them even if you set the bag down somewhere. Since they are already at the best location on your luggage for securing it firmly and precisely, they are much simpler to use.

STDY 20 Cubic Feet Rooftop Cargo Top Carrier Bag - Buyers Guide For Best Soft Rooftop Cargo Carrier

STDY Rooftop Cargo Top Carrier Bag

This vibrant blue & black roof carrier is made from a weatherproof material that won’t tear, split, or peel, so you can leave it outside in any kind of climate without worrying about its contents becoming wet.

In addition to being highly weather-resistant, this soft top box also has a sleek style and is somewhat more aerodynamic than competing products.

Consequently, you won’t see quite the same detrimental effect on your gas mileage. You can carry your additional stuff with you about any journey thanks to the bag’s simple roof rack attachment, which works with almost every vehicle, truck, and SUV.

The buckles on these nylon straps are so sturdy that they won’t break or fracture, even if they’re left in the blazing sun for a long time. In comparison to standard soft roof boxes, this bag’s 20 cu fet of storage capacity is a huge plus.

Finally, you may fold the soft carrier roof bag and place it in the carry bag when not in use.

WEIPA Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier Heavy Duty Roof Top Luggage Storage Bag - Buyers Guide For Best Soft Rooftop Cargo Carrier

WEIPA Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier

If you’re looking for a high-quality, waterproof rooftop cargo carrier, the WEIPA is the ideal option. Made of ultra-tough tarpaulin, it’s built to withstand a lifetime of use, and features strong, wide straps and distinctive WEIPA clasps to keep your belongings securely in place. The XL variant provides even more storage space – an extra 15.05 cubic feet – while weighing just 5.2 pounds.

So if you’re tired of cramming your belongings into the backseat or onto your kids’ laps, the WEIPA is the perfect solution. Don’t miss out on this must-have accessory for any journey!

Parting Thoughts

Many various kinds of soft roof cargo carriers exist, so you may choose one that’s perfect for your next road trip.

If you invest in a suitable roof box, you can keep your family’s belongings safe and out of the way of passengers without worrying whether or not your car has enough storage space.

When planning a road trip with the family, it’s crucial to choose a soft roof box that can accommodate all of your gear, is simple to install and uninstall from your vehicle, and meets the needs of everyone going on the journey.