If you’re looking for a new roof carrier or in the midst of a vehicle swap, you may be curious about the maximum allowed overhang for such a container. Even though most people focus on the front overhang, it’s more likely that you’ll need to pay attention to the back of your car.

If you’re driving a hatchback or SUV, make sure your roof luggage box isn’t in the way of the hatchback when you want to open it. If you insist on getting a box with an overhang in back, simply remember to avoid using the hatchback once the box is installed. Most individuals would probably walk away if they found out this.

Being inside the car, you are not likely to be inconvenienced by the little overhanging at the front. One would be foolish to attach an 85-inch long box to a small car.

Where Do We Draw the Line?

Common sense is required to some degree. Mounting a box that protrudes beyond the confines of your vehicle, for instance, is not a good idea.

You should prevent instability at all costs. Place the box and its contents in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It is recommended that the weight of the cargo within the box be distributed as follows: 25% to the box’s base, 50% to the box’s middle, and 25% to the roof bars.

Pick a box that fits your car’s dimensions as best you can. Please don’t simply go out and purchase the biggest box you can find. Before you make a purchase, give some thought to what you want to store in the box.

Back Overhang

Overhang in the back is less of a problem with a saloon / coupe since it won’t get in the way of opening the trunk. However, is it really a good idea to have storage space on the coupe’s roof?

Those that drive hatchbacks or SUVs will need to invest in a box that can be moved out of the way of the trunk lid. If you move the box forward a little, it could stick out over the windshield, which might be annoying, but from the front seats, you can’t see the box anyhow. When opening the rear hatch of your car, you may require a fair amount of headroom at the back of the roof.

It’s All About the Size

Get a box that will suit your car properly by making sure it is the right size. The obvious exception to this is if you drive a big SUV like a Ford Explorer or Volkswagen Touareg, in which case you can just buy a huge storage container. However, if you’re in a Honda Accord, you should stick to more compact destinations. The maximum load that may be placed on the roof is detailed in the guidebook.

Remember that the rack and package add to the entire weight, so keep under that limit. Don’t overload your roof luggage box over the manufacturer-recommended weight limit; doing so might result in expensive repairs.

Legal Matters

Don’t assume that just because you can fit some overhanging storage into your vehicle that you are within the law. There may be substantial variation in the overhang limit imposed by law depending on where you look.

If a cargo protrudes beyond the front of a vehicle by over 3 feet, the back by more than 4 feet, or the side by more than 4 inches, then you must use warning flags & signals while traveling at night, as per legalbeagle.

Depending on the extent of the overhang, other procedures may be required under UK law, but such do not apply here.

It’s best to err on the side of caution and not get a box that will cause your vehicle to seem ridiculous from the front, back, or sides.

Security And Stability

Don’t risk endangering yourself or other drivers by purchasing a too-small box or cramming too much cargo into a suitable one.

Be sure to carefully adhere to the advice provided by the manufacturer about the method by which the vehicle should be attached to your automobile. Remember to pack everything evenly, as instructed. This is especially true with a big load. As much as possible, try to secure the contents of the box to prevent them from shifting around during transportation.

Why would you want your stuff to be all over the road because you disregarded the manufacturer’s instructions?

How Much A Roof Box Can Overhang: Summary

If you follow the guidelines provided by your car’s and roof box’s manufacturers, a little bit of overhang shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure you verify with the authorities in your area to ensure that your actions are legal.

You might also go for something less complicated and get a roof box that doesn’t protrude. You may relax and enjoy the ride without worrying about the weight of the cargo on your car’s roof.