Yakima HoldUp EVO Plus 2 Bike Rack


hitch bike racks are the perfect way to extend your adventures and get more use out of your existing Yakima HoldUp rack. The HoldUp 2 extension easily attaches to the HoldUp rack (sold separately) and is able to accommodate 20″” to 27.5″ wheel sizes with tires up to 3″ wide and 29″ tires up to 2.5â” wide. It also features a disc brake hitch for increased safety and stability, as well as a full suspension hitch for a smoother ride. With a 200 lbs. weight capacity, the HoldUp 2 can carry up to 4 bikes at once, making it the perfect solution for families or groups of friends who love to hit the trails together. So don’t let your bike rack hold you back – invest in a Yakima HoldUp 2 hitch bike rack extension and start planning your next great adventure today!


The Yakima HoldUp EVO Plus 2 is the perfect hitch bike rack accessory for those who want to extend their adventures. With the ability to carry up to 4 bikes at 200 lbs. total weight, this bike rack extension is perfect for carrying disc brakes, thru-axles and full suspension bikes. The HoldUp 2 also features an integrated bottle opener, so you can enjoy a cold drink after a long ride. Whether you’re looking to add some extra capacity to your hitch bike rack or simply want a more versatile bike rack, the Yakima HoldUp EVO Plus 2 is the perfect solution.

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