Yakima StageTwo Bike Rack


Yakima hitch bike racks are some of the best in the market. Yakima hitch bike racks come in different sizes and styles to accommodate different bicycles. They also have different features to protect your gear while you are on the road. hitch bike racks are great for mountain bikes, road bikes, and even fat bikes with the Fatbike Kit Accessory. The tiered, adjustable trays separate bikes and add ground clearance, making it easier to get on and off the road. With the FenderShield Accessory, you can even use hitch bike racks with fenders. hitch bike racks are a great way to transport your bicycle without having to worry about damaging your gear.

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Yakima is a company that produces hitch bike racks. The StageTwo hitch bike rack is one model that the company offers. This hitch bike rack has the capacity to hold two bikes and it has a max 52″” wheel base. It also 20″” – 29″” tires up to 3.25″” wide or up to 5″” wide with a Fatbike Accessory. The hitch bike rack also comes with a Tiered, adjustable tray that separates bikes and adds ground clearance. This hitch bike rack is best for mountain bikes, road bikes, and fat bikes. It is also good for those who have fenders on their bikes because it comes with a FenderShield Accessory. The FenderShield Accessory will help protect your investment by keeping your fenders clean and dry.

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